Performance Notes

Today I played the pregame show for the Brisbane Broncos NRL team. It was interesting in many ways. It was strictly a fun show - hair metal themed covers of Queen, White Snake, Journey, Guns N'Roses, Van Halen, and Bon Jovi tunes.... We even had to wear wigs and play along with a backing track! But what I enjoyed, and something that I am doing more and more, was trusting that I could learn the tracks with a few listen throughs and not write any charts. It's almost a process of thinking in broader strokes and capturing the essence or core of the piece and allowing intuition to fill the nuances. This proved really useful because once on site the song forms had to be edited for television to keep within the allotted times. Greg Loxton did a great job editing the backing tracks on site and playing drums. Fun vibes!

PW FarrellComment