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Born and raised in Brisbane (Australia), Patrick Farrell is a bassist, composer, producer/programmer, and music educator. He studied at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music and the Victorian College of the Arts and is currently completing a Doctorate of Musical Arts at the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University. As a sideman Patrick has performed country music in Switzerland (Jetty Road), Indian fusion music in Kolkata and just about everything in between. Known for his unique technical and harmonic approach to the bass guitar, Patrick has established himself as a forward thinking educator on the instrument, opening up its potential to novice and advanced students alike. Read More

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Raised in a loving family of seven, Patrick was exposed to music and sport in equal measure. After piano, harmonica, drums and guitar, he found the bass guitar at age 13. After years splitting his passion between Rugby Union and music he finally focussed on music as a real vocation and soon after high school began gigging in the local music scene. A pivotal influence at an early age was the music of Weather Report. While listening to Weather Report at age 15, Patrick discovered that musical sounds could cause him to experience synaesthesia-like episodes while falling asleep,  but still conscious. Musical sounds would manifest themselves as three dimensional visualisations responsive to the harmonic and textural content of the music. These episodes had a profound influence on his reverence and respect for music.  The music of Weather Report would serve as a doorway into multiple musical worlds, the most obvious being the musical lineages preceding it (jazz) and those it birthed (jazz fusion). 


Patrick was a distracted and rebellious student until he discovered music and as such left high school with no grade, only the musical ability he had developed on bass guitar. With this skill alone he auditioned and was accepted into all four of his chosen universities. He ultimately attended the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University, graduating with a Bachelor of Music specialising in jazz bass. Later he relocated to Melbourne for 6 years during which time he completed a Post Graduate Diploma of Music Performance at the Victorian College of the Arts. In 2013 Patrick returned to Brisbane where he is now completing a Doctorate of Musical Arts at the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University.  


Patrick is honoured to have performed on festival stages, in orchestra pits, on cruise ships, on television shows, in nightclubs, jazz bars and studios around the world. 

He has toured Malaysia (Shane Simmons), Japan (Claire Trentain), Canada, France & Switzerland (Jetty Road), India (Bart Stenhouse) and regularly performs at the annual Susu Mamas fundraising ball in Papua New Guinea. Ongoing collaborations include modern jazz trio Jackal (Cleon Barraclough, Luke Pammenton), Three Views of a Secret (Neil Wickham, Luis Basulto, Paul Henderson, Cleon Barraclough, Reuben Bradley) and Breanna Maria. Breanna is an incredibly talented musician and singer-songwriter on her way to making waves. 

Patrick has collaborated with the Gospo Collective in Adelaide as band leader/music director of Jackson vs Jackson, winner of Best Musical Act for their week of performances at the Adelaide Fringe Festival. Other Gospo collaborations include The Gospel of Earth, Wind and Fire featuring Charmaine Jones and Andrew De Silva. 

In 2017 Patrick began a long term collaboration with Doo Bop Jazz Bar where he appears 2 - 3 times per week in their late night slot (1030pm - 0230am). This bar has committed to building a unique Brisbane jazz scene 365 days a year, educating listeners but also providing a groovy blend of jazz and soul music on the weekends. This scene also provides a platform for emerging jazz musicians to establish themselves on the scene.

Patrick began releasing music and building his online presence under the name ‘PW Farrell’ to avoid confusion with two other musicians, named Pat Farrell and Patrick Farrell respectively. With the release of his debut album The Life Electric in 2011, the online visibility of the PW Farrell brand became such that there was no turning back and he continues to perform, write and market under this name. In person most people call him Pat, Patrick or PFaz. 


“...Farrell has created one of the better albums of the year…

A startling instrumental technician.”  ~ John Hardaker (


“For Pat’s maiden voyage, he has constructed a veritable palate of tunes that are infused with the honesty of his experience, and this is an absolute pleasure to listen to from start to finish.”  ~ Trent Bryson-Dean (Drum Scene)

In 2015 Patrick filmed his first online bass lesson, ‘Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars (Bass Cover and Lesson) which would go on to have over 80,000 views. This visibility brought an audience to his channel as he introduced bass players the world over to harmonic concepts too often absent in bass guitar pedagogy. To help guide the intake of student enquiries that followed he created This serves as a clear place marker to bass students of Brisbane who wish to find an experienced, studied and musically rich teacher who can guide them on their way. In 2017 Patrick joined the teaching staff at the Queensland Conservatorium and at the JMC Academy and has taken not only bassists, but also other instrumentalists under his wing as he shares what he has found so far on his journey.

Perhaps what is most unique about his approach is that Patrick considers himself a student and invites his own students to explore with him. Currently undertaking doctoral studies himself, he is excited about continued learning in the world of music as well as creating new and unique vocabulary on the instrument.